Monday, March 22, 2010

"i'll be holding all the tickets..."

"..but you'll be owning all the fines."

endings have never been my strong suit. they always end in someone getting hurt and it's usually me. i can handle that though; i'm used to that. it's hurting someone else that i can't do. there's no right way.

just another hit and miss.

heard your broken voice on the telephone
made my heavy heart sink like a stone
and after all this time, i should have known
you'd let me down
right down to the bone
you know you're right, im incomplete
and i could never write down what i mean
and if you told me that the world, was ending tonight
that's alright by me
hey babe
i feel as though, i failed you
i feel as though, you don't want me
i keep kickin' myself
they say that anything can be replaced
found another girl to pass the days
she is beautiful, she has your face
there is nothing, time will not erase
and hey babe, I feel as though I've lost you
and I feel as though, you dont want me and I keep kickin' myself
and lately, when i sleep alone
i feel that, i oughta learn
you dont need me
just stop kidding myself